Your Animist World is here




Welcome to the Living World of Animism!
Connect with the web of life around you and the multiple worlds within you!

The Web of Life Animist Church is brought to you by Earth Web Media
We bring you:
Animist Gatherings
Sacred Labyrinth Walks
Ceremonies for Personal Growth and Soul Healing

Animist cultures around the Earth are founded upon their relationship with Nature, the living world around them is considered sacred. Even those who have had their direct Animist lineage severed have this relationship with Nature.


A process that encourages the individual to perceive themselves as an equal in the web of life, and as a contributor to a sustainable lifestyle.

Full Circle Animism-
Listening to the Worlds and Earth Stewardship cared for our ancestors for thousands and thousands of years. Our world is now ready for the Animist Renaissance to emerge strong and peaceful, even after many generations of forgetfulness…so we can learn to work together in a modern magical world.

Consider this…
*No matter where you come from, you are a member of the many Earth Tribes and you have natural intuitive abilities.

*As each person re-connects with their Sacred Nature, we help breathe life into the world once again. 

*Now, more than ever, there is a need for people to experience emotional and spiritual healing by honoring the Earth and exploring our Animist Nature.

20150826_080017Connecting with the Living World helps humans:
-Receive Healing
-Get answers
-Remember connections
-Hear what must be done
Feel Balanced and Centered, even in troubling times
-Trust Instincts
-Increase Intuitive Abilities
-Connect with the Natural World

Intuition, Dreams, Trance, Art,
Dance, Connection with Nature and Ancestral Wisdom,
Rhythm, Altered States, Visions, Welcome Home!

The magical nature of our world has never stopped.
As a culture, we have been taught to stop listening.
Through the Intuitive Arts we can remember how to listen again,
and explore ways to co-create ecstasy for the healing of this Earth.
As we heal ourselves, we heal the Earth.
As we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves.

Our world needs us to listen to the wisdom of our guides and guardians.
When we listen and share together, our stories are heard so our ancestors can assist us.

Welcome to your Inner World!

Your Animistic Power
shows you how to find
that you can go anywhere
with the power of your mind.

This thing we call Imagination
has been on the decline
because we think what happens there is “only in our mind”.
But the power to imagine
can take us near and far
to all the dreamlike places-
where our helpers are.

Go there, Come back.
Listen to what they say.
Bring back healing love notes
that inspire us to pray
for health, peace and balance
in ourselves and within our tribe.
When we balance ourselves, our spirit worlds speak
and all life on this planet thrives.

Poem by Quynn Red Mountain , Shamanic Practitioner and Animist Minister of the Web of Life Church

Raven Singer


One comment

  1. Sue Ellen Liss · May 30, 2011

    Very beautiful and informative website, Quynn!!

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