Ancestor Night


On Friday, Oct. 28, the eloquent and very talented storyteller, Fetish Dragonfire (practitioner Patricia Bowne), gathered together other superb storytellers for a fun filled night.  Here is what Fetish reported about the event:

Ancestor Night:

A storytelling circle to share family and/or cultural, spooky stories.

Lots of fun, tasty treats and true ghost stories.

Hosted by Fetish Dragonfire and one of many alter egos, Grimalda the Troll.

Storytellers took us to ancient Ireland, Zanzibar, enchanted forests and grandma’s basement. We heard tales of near death experiences and serendipitous, Spirits.

I see more storyteller circles in the future. This was too fun!

If you would like to find out more about Patricia Bowne and her wonderful offerings, please visit her practitioner page at:


Cracking Open-Individual Sessions

The exciting and spectacular news is that our shamanic evocation performance of Cracking Open is happening very, very soon! In fact, it will be November 26, from 6:30-8:30.

Many fascinating, magical, sumptuous, balancing, and fruitful developments have been taking place!

One preparation happened recently when Cracking Open-Individual Sessions occurred.

The spirit energies of ….

“The Fynn Family- A shamanic team consisting of Sister Warrior Healer, Brother Shapeshifter and Quynn ‘Oolah’ (one who balances)”,


her Majesty, Queen Raveness,

worked with individuals to bring forth intentions into activation.

This was a powerful and moving experience!

Now it is time for YOU to Crack Open in your own special way.

You are invited,

you are encouraged,

you are so very welcome to join us for CRACKING OPEN!

Cracking Open-A Shamanic Evocation

On November 26, from 6:30-8:30, Quynn Red Mountain and Institute of the Shamanic Arts will present a multimedia, imaginative re-creation through shamanic evocation. With the power of memory and imagination, shamanic performers will use video, dance, art, rhythm, vocalization, sound, energy work, divination, song, clowning, light work, shamanic practices, and drumming to evoke messages of “cracking open” (transmutation). Due to the mature themes prevalent throughout this ritualistic performance, no children will be permitted.  Audience participation will be encouraged.

Together we will crack open and create anew.

Tickets: $7 – $13

(a spirit-guided sliding scale;

ask within to divine your ticket offering)

Tickets for the performance may be purchased at the door, at Future’s Antiquity Gallery, 19 E Toole Ave, Tucson, AZ.

Stoking our Inner Fire!

Friends and supporters of ISA gathered at 7,800 feet up Mt. Lemmon for an overnight Full Moon campout. It was fun, filled with shamanic ideas, and darn cold!  A cold snap moved in, so we desert dwellers went from 95 degrees to 25 degrees. Snow flakes even fell, for  a minute or two.

We told stories of Free Spirits, welcomed far away travelers, and drummed around our warming fire. We prepared for future gatherings, raised money for ISA expenses, and had an opportunity to test our ‘cold weather’ gear.

Thanks to all who visited our mountain site, and to all who couldn’t make it this time…we look forward to the next outing, at a much lower elevation!