Cracking Open-Revealing

Cracking Open-A Shamanic Evocation

What will be revealed?

“Cracking open” is a process of bringing forth new aspects of who you are or who you are meant to be. It is not a solitary process.  In fact, it is a mystical communion with Spirit Beings. Now you are being given the opportunity to share in these spiritual adventures as they become living reality. You will be encompassed in a shamanic ceremony that journeys into the spirit world.

What will we witness as each participant turns around?

What sort of “cracking open” are you longing for?

You are invited to find the answers to these questions. Please join us.


 November 26, 2011


 $7-$13 (a spirit-guided sliding scale; ask within to divine your ticket offering)

 at Future’s Antiquity Gallery, 19 E Toole Ave, Tucson, AZ



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