Talk of Rock- ISA Honors the Stars of Tucson’s Gem and Mineral Show 2013

altarRocks and stones. Crystals and minerals. Water and vibration. Altars and sharing .  We sang our hearts and spoke to rocks. We stacked stones and learned from them about breaking down. We gave thanks to crystals for joy, love and abundance in our lives, gathered soul parts together and walked in the desert, listening to the Stone People.

As ISA’s meetup group hovers just under 500 participants, we give thanks for all the beautiful souls who joined in circle with each other during our first annual “Stone Wisdom” Healing Arts Series.  Here are a few statements shared by a few circle participants:

Heart of the Crystal“Wonderful gathering. I feel blessed. Great Soup! and I got WINGS! yeah! Good Night ALL. Gratitude is in the HOUSE!”

“Thanks for the wonderful journey with the crystals, sound/rhythm, water, and DNA on Friday night.  I certainly went to a deep and powerful place.  I felt a significant loosening of the knots of time and space in my being.  A wonderful space was held for all.”

Stone Stacking“The ceremony the other evening was lovely and inspiring. I appreciate so much that I was able to share in the experience with so many loving souls.”

“I feel personally satisfied to have finally asked my stone friends what they have to tell me. their messages kept unfolding all night.”

“Amazing moment in time w/you all! Thank you.”

“Evocative, amazing, releasing, incredible!”

“I’ve been looking at rock in a whole new way now, very inspiring circle. :)”

“Thank you so much for a truly wonderful healing experience tonight. Between the sound and the crystals, the energy was rockin!”

Thank you to the the ISA Practitioners who offered circles, as well as all who participated (human and stone). Much was shared!


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