Rain for our Lives

If you want to manifest a desire, the best approach is to act with the certainty that the wheels of the universe are working toward this fulfillment.

This could be said for rain too. To bring rain, one does not beg and plead.  There is no rain begging dance.  Such a dance would be coming from a place of “lack”.

Recently, the Institute of Shamanic Arts embodied conscious creation with two rain/water events.  We sent out the message to the universe that we were grateful, proud, happy, emotion filled, loving, playful, energetic, strong, sharing,  and caring human beings.

Be Come Rain

We embody rain

The first event was called Be Come Rain-Sound and Movement Ceremony.  During this event we were surrounded by the beautiful sounds of rain, while listening to sound recordings that Quynn  ( https://shamanacircle.wordpress.com/practitioners/quynn/) had collected from her past nature wanderings.  We were also treated to fantastic visual media that melded with the sounds to create the illusion of being in nature.  This aspect of the ceremony really heightened the experience and enabled us to viscerally enter a prayerful dance state of actually being rain drops.

Another aspect that contributed to our passionate expression was using masks. Jacob Gardener (https://shamanacircle.wordpress.com/practitioners/jacob-gardener/ ) created light weight masks that we could easily breath and move in.  Participants commented on how the masks enabled them to go deeper into the experience and fully allow themselves to let go.

At the end of our dance, we sent out our energetic vibrations to the universe, those we love, and the planet.  We toned, chanted, and sang to share our messages of joyful celebration.

When we opened the doors to step out into the night we were greeted with the blessing of sweet rain fall!  Thank you!

Red Tent Water and Heart

Red Tent Water and Heart

On Sunday, July 24th women attended I.S.A.’s Red Tent Temple hosted by Elisabeth Black (https://shamanacircle.wordpress.com/practitioners/elisabeth-black/ ).

Here we had the opportunity to infuse water with our powerful heart-opening vibrations.  Recognizing that water is is a conduit for change and that Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown that our thoughts and words can be connected to water, we worked together to send heart-felt love out into the world through water libation.  (Libation is the ritual of pouring water.)

Women had the opportunity to share stories of success.  We also listened to heart-centered stories and poems.  It was a deeply moving experience to hold space and honor ourselves.

While we all worked together to clean up and check in with each other on how we are doing in our lives,  it began to rain outside!

It was as if our time of honoring, sharing, laughing, and giving of our hearts was richly rewarded and validated from the heavens above with more rain!

If you are interested in the activities of Institute of Shamanic Arts, we encourage you to check us out.  We are very receptive to newcomers!  Please check us out at:


Here you will find the latest information on what events are taking place.  We are definitely planning more events that include sound/image interplay and Red Tent Temple events! We look forward to seeing you and meeting you!

Quynn Elizabeth

Quynn in Mask


Summer is Sizzling at ISA!

Walk the Labyrinth

As the summer days heat up, shamanic folks have an abundance of great offerings to check out at ISA!

We enjoyed our recent Full Moon Labyrinth Walk at Unity and were graced with witnessing the moon rise during our walk.  Shannon and Don arrived early at the labyrinth and cleared the space so that it had an angelic and loving feel to it.  Quynn guided and welcomed us into the labyrinth.  We were able to release, receive, and center ourselves for the many blessings brought by the full moon, the solstice, and the eclipse.

If you missed this labyrinth walk, our next one will be July 14th at Unity Church.  We look forward to seeing you there. 

Surreal Beauty

We also have a new space called the Grotto.  A special space blessing was held in the Grotto and everyone loved the energy and other worldly feel to it.  It promises to be a place where many transformations take place.

Please come and check out the Grotto soon, if you haven’t had a chance to. 

Luminous Serpent

On June 19, Jacob made an incredible luminous serpent that stretched its way around a grove of sacred trees.  Walking this magical serpent path was awe inspiring and deeply moving.  We each received messages that were meaningful to our lives.  Quynn put us all at ease with working with serpent energy and her collection of stuffed animals lovingly offered themselves as our sacred sacrifices.

Gathering for the Rain Prayer

With all of the fire energy lately we felt it necessary to gather and offer a special rain prayer.  We met at Ft. Lowell park and connected with water by forming our circle near the little lake area.  Here we tuned into the rain spirits and offered a prayer up.  Many animals came to join our circle like heron, turtle, ducks, coyote, and frog.

There are so many amazing happenings with ISA! 

Dee brought us the circle Healing with the New Moon in Gemini and received the comment that this circle was powerful and healing.  Look for more awesome circles from Dee and join in!

Jenni shared enlightening information about the Lover Archetype in her circle.  It was inspiring to think of this archetype in a whole new way and to see the positive side of it.  We look forward to more thought provoking circles from Jenni.

Meara has been helping us connect by bringing us yoga in the beautiful outdoor setting at Himmel Park. Hopefully when it cools down she will continue to share this practice with us.

Women gathered for the monthly Red Tent and we shared from our hearts about sacred sexuality.  It was a safe and nurturing experience for all!

ISA continues to bring creative and awe inspiring offerings to our community!

We want you to join us and find out all about our fantastic community of caring and special people.  To find out more about past happenings and upcoming ones please check us out on Meetup.

You can find us there at: