Shamanic Seer-Divining Bones

Bone readings have played a part in different cultures around the world.

Generally, bones are cast into a circle and the way that they fall determines the outcome of the reading. In addition to bones, other small objects may be added to the cast such as coins, shells, nuts, dice, or stones. Patterns are looked for in the way the bones fall or markings on the bones have significance.

For the Shamanic Seer-Divining Bones night, a different style of reading the bones was used. This method had been presented via the dream world.

My style of bone reading (Elisabeth Black) was shown to me by the spirit world in dreams. These dreams started with the initial dream where I was watching a Native American bone reader give readings to people. He spoke to me and told me that I am to read bones. When I asked him how I would do that, he answered that I should start by getting bones.

Many talkative bones have since been gifted to me. They find their way to me with an urgency to share messages from the spirits. This urgency gets so strong at times that the bones seem to rattle to get out of their protective case.

Together, the bones and I act as conduits to bring forth messages.

The night before the Divining Bones shamanic circle, my spirit teachers appeared in a dream. In this dream, they showed me how they wanted me to share information and proceedings for the night. Tuning into them and being open to their guidance assures me that I am truly being a “hollow bone” and allowing their wisdom to channel through me.

Here is what one man had to say about the night:

“Hi Elisabeth, The Shamanic Seer- Divining Bones session was wonderful. Sharing the info from Spirit as each of us perceived it from our individual points of was very enlightening. It was truly a blessing to be part of this shared experience! I highly recommend this to anyone who feels Spirit guiding them to participate. I’m very grateful for all the opportunities for Spiritual Growth and Healing provided by ISA’s various Shamanic Practitioners.”

In addition to using the bones, I also had the card deck modeled after Tikar Spider Divination. In Southwest Cameroon they use earth spiders which are relatives to the trapdoor spider. It is believed that because they nest underground they have supernatural wisdom.  Originally, plum leaves were used instead of cards. A spider was used to divinate on special occasions.

I pair the use of these cards with the bones because I feel that they share a lot of the same qualities of earthiness and grounded messages.

If the idea of a Bone Reading calls out to you or you are curious, I encourage you to reach out for your own personal Bone Message.

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Shamanic Seer Star Messages

My name is Elisabeth Black.

Recently, I presented myself most respectfully to the Star Beings and said the following:

“I offer myself as a conduit for Star Messages that want to be brought forth to others.”

I looked in my heart and knew I was ready to do this.

Not only was I ready, but I felt this deep longing.

I thought about the journey I have undertaken and  how I have practiced staying centered in my inner knowing, recognizing the sacred, working with compassion, and loving myself and others.

I do not think I am perfect.

I know that I make mistakes.

However, I felt this also qualified me because then I have empathy, humility, and grace.

I also knew it would help me to get out of the way of my “ego” and myself and let the Light and Love from benevolent Star Beings shine forth for others.

In my life-

I have been shy.

I have been quietened.

This night,

my words flowed like the stars in the Milky Way.

I felt alive.

I felt that I pleased the Star Beings.

All around the room I saw and was very aware of Star Being presence.

They gazed upon all of the beautiful humans and I know they brought forth the dearest most loving messages.

Perhaps it all sounds melodramatic to you.

On the other hand,

I hope that the light in you is responding right now.

It’s reaching out and saying,

“I want some of that too.”

And you can have it.

I hope to see you at the next Shamanic Seer Circle.

Thank you all loving Star Beings. I am filled with gratitude.

**Elisabeth is an empath, shamanic intuitive, storyteller, poet, artist and teacher. She has a passion for journeying to help you discover your soul’s message.**

It’s all about Visioning

That’s right shamanic friends!  There is so much visioning going on at Institute for Shamanic Arts.  Keep in mind that “vision” in the shamanic realm extends much further than just to see with your eyes.

One such example took place on Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26 during the workshop called Council of Tribes-Expressing your Shamanic Character which was presented by Quynn.  During this workshop, participants had the opportunity to journey within and find a character that was calling out to them to be either honored or embodied.  Pieces were put together to create these characters and the end results were absolutely transforming and amazing, as you can tell from the picture above.  This workshop was popular and very well received.  Be on the lookout for more fun and very fulfilling workshops like this one, and please come join Quynn Elizabeth and ISA for such events.

ISA is also delighted to experience the revival of  Quynn’s weekly journey circle called Vision-Shamanic Journey Circle.  Several participants expressed gratitude and joy that there will now be a consistent weekly journey circle in which anyone can work on their own spiritual practice.  As one person said, “Just keep coming back!”  Keep in mind also that this sort of practice has much joy and reward to it.  We hope to see you at the next Vision-Shamanic Journey Circle on Sunday, at 11:00 a.m. (check Meetup calendar for details.)

Now, on the note of protecting your visioning, Jenni stepped right up to provide excellent tips and ideas on protection and boundaries.  As “sensitive” folks we need this kind of useful information. Thank you Jenni.

Using seer skills takes another sort of visioning.  Elisabeth Black used her intuition and empath skills to give feedback to questions that participants had.  It was like ISA’s own mini John Edward’s or Sylvia Brown medium show!

Dee, our own special Owl Woman, brought us information about the new moon in Cancer.  There was a lot of joyful energy, nurturing and love in this circle as we tapped into protection and feelings.

Those of us that were interested in love, peace, transforming fear and HUG really enjoyed Everett’s recent circle called Hug.  We got to tap into our child side and enjoy the freedom of interpersonal communion.

These are just some of the cool, fantastic, thrilling, authentic, shamanic, fun, community building, joy filled circles that all include VISIONING going on at Institute of Shamanic Arts.  We hope you will join us in experiencing them!

To find out more about what is going on at Institute for Shamanic Arts, please go to: