Web of Life Animist Gatherings

web of life animist gathering3
Do you long to feel connection to others and the world around you?
Are you looking for a spiritual community, with a message that resonates with your Earth honoring beliefs?
Would you like to have that feeling of knowing you are not alone?


This year presents the opportunity to follow a spiritual path that really resonates with your personal needs related to community supported Earth honoring spiritual practice.

Animism is described as one of humans oldest beliefs rooted in the knowledge that everything, even “inanimate” objects, have a spiritual essence and we are all inseparable.

To have this belief means that you aren’t alone. In fact, you are fully supported by the Universe.

It’s time for you to open your heart to receiving this universal connection and assistance.

The Web of Life Church Animist Gathering is a chance to uniquely explore life events that may focus on issues of relationships, break-ups, making friends, family life, finances, time management, feeling more confident, connecting with nature, facing death, your health, and making a difference in this world.
We do this through meditation journeys, channeled messages, spirit healing, storytelling, music, performance and fellowship. Together we strengthen our animist connections while tending to our Soul’s needs.

A Blessing for the First Animist Gathering


We meet two Sundays a month in Tucson, AZ. Our focus time together is for 75 minutes, followed by an optional social time for tea/coffee.  See our meetup group calendar for more information.

 Upcoming dates:

Sunday, March 27 @ noon

Sunday, April 4 @ 5pm

Sunday, April 24 @ 5pm

The Animist Gathering is a celebration for Earthlovers, with different ministers and practitioners offering their intuitive and creative skills each time. This gives you the chance to witness many gifted folks with whom the Institute for the Shamanic Arts is involved.

The Web of Life Church Animist Gathering is offered through your generous donations. By lovingly giving from your heart, the Gathering holds space for your life riches to return ten-fold in a joyful manner.

Chairs and tea/coffee are provided.

Web of Life Church is a branch of Earth Web Media, a religious non-profit (Animist “church”) in Arizona and Oregon. You can find out more about EWM and our mission at http://www.shamanworld.com/earth-web-media/



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