Shamanic Soup’s On!

resizesouppotjpgFor the last journey circle of 2012,  Institute for the Shamanic Arts (ISA) gathered to explore the tradition of soup making.

This was during our Shamanic Soup workshop.

Each individual brought a soup ingredient that they felt was an important soup addition.

While the soup simmered away full of spinach, kale, mushrooms, garlic, ginger, yams, sweet potatoes, spices, onion, and of course, love, we all journeyed to the beat of the shamanic drum.

We contemplated the thought of a caterpillar inside of its chrysalis in a soup state with all of its DNA present to make a butterfly.

We laughed at a coyote tale about coyote always being ready with his hidden spoon.

We expressed gratitude and realized that we are always in a state of gratitude.

We even recognized that, “It’s all perfect.” Each given moment is perfect.

We shared stories, laughed, listened to the rain fall, kept warm, ate homemade tortillas (thank you!) and enjoyed deeply nourishing soup.

As a final touch, we each went into our journeys and fetched what we thought would be the perfect ingredient for an ISA Shamanic Soup.

This special ISA Shamanic Soup sounds amazing and you are invited to partake in all of ISA’s nourishment for the year 2013!

See you then!




Journeys to Reindeer and Angels

On December 23, 2012, a group of shamanic journeyers traveled down the stairs, into the underworld Grotto in downtown Tucson, to gather for community, and introspection, in the first few days of the returning light after winter solstice.


Our first journey was about, and to, Reindeer.  Christmas is the one time of year that brings Reindeer to mind for many modern people, yet Reindeer, and the people who rely on them, are shamanic peoples (see Reindeer in Siberian shamanism).  The word “Shaman” comes from a group of Reindeer People.

Photograph by Hamid Sardar-Afkhami

Here are some messages shared from the Reindeer journeys-

“I remind you of the interconnectedness of all things. As you have family, I have family. We coexist through a relationship of love, compassion and companionship.”

“Honor the sacred relationship with animals- as food- as companionship.”

“It’s not what I thought I needed,  but it is what I need.  I need to learn about what I need.”

“You too must be stripped and hung to dry so that you can be of use.  Shared among the others of your kind.”

“I am the gift.

I give myself to humans

And guide them in the cold.

Since fewer people need us now, there are more of us in the Spirit world, ready to guide you.”


Our second journey was to ask about Angel energy in each person’s life.  There are many beliefs and theories about what Angels are in each culture, so these journeyers asked their inner worlds for more information regarding their own relationship with “Angels”.

Earth_AngelsHere are some messages that came through the drumbeats-

“Angels are shapeshifters.  We are in all cultures by different names.  We appear to people as they need us to be.”

“It is better to hate the Angels than to pretend they do not exist.”

“Everyday people are angels, sometimes the person you least expect.”

“Angels as messages in dreams- guiding.  Guiding messengers.”

“Let go of expectations and live through the heart.”

“The joy and innocence of your inner child is your “guardian angel”.  Just think of the total love of a child, how powerful a force is that?  Where did we lose the joy a child has in the world around. Pull out that child and others around you will protect that beauty. ”

As 2012 closes, and a New Era begins, the Institute for the Shamanic Arts wishes you a good holiday season, and a warm bed this winter! Our shamanic journey circle happens every Sunday at 10am in Tucson, AZ. To find out more, go to our meetup group. Blessings to all, and to all a good night!

snow angel

The Sacred Calling of Corn

Brought to you by Darcey Blue

maizecobfiguresCorn has always been sacred- as food, medicine, spirit guide- to cultures throughout the Americas. It is only our modern culture which has turned corn into a commodity that has been abused and vilified. Corn asks us to begin to reclaim our sacred reciprocal relationship. I ask you today- what can YOU do today to begin to bring corn back into health and sacredness?

Spirit of Corn Altar

Spirit of Corn Altar

“Recently I was clearly called by the spirit of Corn to offer a community ceremony to begin to reconnect with and heal the relationship we as a culture have with the Corn Plant.  At this community ceremony- offerings of corn, tobacco, handmade stylized corn ocarina, corn husk dolls and prayers were placed on the altar as a on offering to the spirit of corn.  And each member of the circle that night asked the spirit of Corn what they could do as an individual to transform their own awareness and relationship with Corn- as a food and as a being of sacred wisdom- and what comittments they would make to the Corn spirit to bring the awareness of the Sacred medicine and wisdom of Corn back into our culture.”

You can listen to Darcey share about corn during her recent ceremony at the Institute for the Shamanic Arts in Tucson by clicking here.

You can read Darcey’s full post about her sacred journey with Corn here.

“There is much healing to be, there is much work too. I know not where it will take me – what more will be asked- but I know, with every cell of my being, that it will be meaningful, deep and healing- for me as an individual- as a healer- and for the world around me.  And I am in humble gratitude.  To the land- to the Corn-to the Ancestors- and Spirit in All to be here, doing this work – not just by words on a page, or a small circle- but taking this work into the physical world, with my body, with my song, with all of me.”